Giuseppe Makes A Movie

OPENS October 17-23 at the NuArt theater in Los Angeles

Giuseppe Makes a Movie also doubles as an unforced, unpretentiously poignant portrait of life on America’s margins, and the positive energy that a collective DIY film project can muster.”

"There’s no sermonising, emotionalising or moralising in its depiction of an electively marginalised man bringing together a band of men and women—many of whom are homeless and/or jobless—to make a rewardingly unfussy film."

Giuseppe expert a fan of GMaM


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"Taken together, all this turns Giuseppe Makes a Movie into an awesome documentary. Why? Because it does what the genre does best: it highlights an unknown subject that few would normally know about in a way that makes its exclusion our loss, and its discovery more than a delight.”

-Bill Gibron, PopMatters

Mark Borchardt review of Giuseppe

GMaM review at About Face - Social Storytellers Blog:
“Giuseppe Makes a Movie” is one of those rare, down-home gems of a documentary that allows one to experience a preternaturally impassioned soul in his far-out, no-holds barred, milieu.
The centrifugal power, the galvanizing dynamic that the documenting camera lays frames on is one Giuseppe Andrews, a singular force of jet propulsion, passionately wielding a movie camera as enthusiastically as normal people do a vacation ticket to Cancun.  But unlike ordinary people, Giuseppe doesn’t have to escape his circumstances, because he is nothing but his circumstances.

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Euro Premiere

GMaM is coming to Poland!

at the New Horizons Intl Film Festival

Playing in the Films On Art International Competition

July 28 and 29

I’d like to thank the folks who transcribed the entire film’s dialogue into a text document for the subtitles. Can’t imagine what they think about America now. (This just in: they love it.)